Painting, Printmaking, Fibers, Ceramics, and Drawing are part of the art program at Bucknell.

At Bucknell Elementary, we are focused on developing 21st-century collaborators with the creative and critical thinking skills that help create bright futures for our nation. Art helps each of our students develop an improved sense of self, as each student is challenged in 5 core mediums and Art Lab Challenges. Every year FCPS students experience Painting, Printmaking, Fibers, Ceramics, and Drawing as part of the Art Program of Studies.

Art Lab is a series of Project Based Challenges centered in STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). Students have created mazes, towers, roller coasters, working electric guitars, coding, stop motion animations and are starting basic video game design.

Each Month, student work is selected by staff to display in the Office Gallery for Artist of the Month. Bucknell also participates in the annual West Potomac Pyramid Art Show.For two years, Bucknell has had student writing and artwork published in the Children’s Connection Mount Vernon Gazette. Click this link to see this year’s edition.

Bucknell’s Art Program and Art Labs are taught by Mrs. Cosier. Additional information about student projects and Art Labs can be found at her website