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Bucknell Elementary, located in Alexandria, Virginia, is a quaint neighborhood school primarily serving the adjacent neighborhoods of Bucknell Manor and Bucknell Heights. Most students live close by and walk to and from school. The school grounds feature ball fields and playgrounds regularly utilized by neighborhood families and local athletic leagues.

Bucknell opened its doors in 1955 and today educates a diverse student body, numbering approximately 300 students, pre-K through 6th grade. Bucknell’s teachers are a dedicated group of professionals focused on preparing students for the future. Bucknell’s street address, University Drive, appropriately reflects the high expectations of faculty for students and teachers, alike. The school community believes that all students can and must learn at the highest level. Every teacher is committed to providing positive learning experiences that emphasize instructional rigor. Classrooms are safe, nurturing places for young minds to develop and grow.

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Bucknell Elementary is a part of Region 3